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Computers and Translation

60 years ago, the average time for a New Testament translation project was more than 20 years. New Testament translations are now being completed in less than half this time – 8 years on average. This last spring, one African New Testament project cut this time in half again, and was finished in only 4 years. Along with this amazing increase in speed, translation accuracy has also improved. What has been speeding up Bible translation efforts? Computer assistance!

In the past, translators usually worked on physical manuscripts that were slow to prepare and easily damaged or stolen. Now they use modern software that provides scriptural, archaeological, and linguistic tools just a click away. Because computers make such a huge difference in the speed and accuracy of translation, technology support is one of the biggest needs for Wycliffe. We are excited God has given us the opportunity to support translation in this way.

You can read more about how computers are helping with translation here.

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