To All Tribes
God's Word for Papua New Guinea

The Highlands

Our home in Papua New Guinea will be in the Eastern Highlands Province. 94% of the population here live in small villages, growing their own food – yams, greens, tropical fruits, sugar cane, etc. While the highlands were unknown to the outside world until somewhat recently, they are the most heavily populated part of the country.

Highland Highlights

  • Mountains and river valleys
  • Coffee growing
  • Traditional PNG culture
  • The Asaro “mudmen”
  • Goroka Show – large annual event celebrating traditional song & dance

The Kamano-Kafe

The Kamano-Kafe are one people group in this province. When a Kamano-Kafe Bible translator returned to his village for a funeral, a family welcomed him and asked, “What have you been doing?” When he answered, “I’ve been translating the Scriptures,” one of the men responded,

“Thank you for turning God’s talk into our language. Our language is very sweet and I understand it. I quit going to church because the message didn’t make sense to me in the trade language. But when I heard God’s talk being spoken in our own language on the audio Bible I understood it and now I believe in Jesus.”

Please join us in prayer for Bible translation efforts in this rugged area of the country.

For the Bibleless,
Matt, Emily, & Elijah

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